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5 Ways to Leverage Push Notifications to Add Value for Your Website Visitors

Considered to be the most effective digital marketing channel for engagement on mobile or desktop, Push notifications do in fact increase repeat visits, user retention, re-engagement and boost sales. Leverage the power of push notifications to easily increase the number of engaged visitors to your website. This blog will tell you all that you need to know about push notifications.

April 27, 2022
mins read
5 Ways to Leverage Push Notifications to Add Value for Your Website Visitors

Internet users rose to 4.6 billion in 2021.

As a result, social media, website traffic, email campaign, and digital marketing strategies have started playing a dominant role in customer acquisition and conversion.

While we receive traffic from different digital marketing techniques, it only seems logical to assume that a user might check your website before making a purchase. This is where you can capture your user and convert a lead.

When a user is on your website, they're interested in the content that's automatically delivered to them. If you add an option to subscribe to valuable push mobile or web notifications, you can end up retaining users, reducing lead conversion time, and enhancing engagement on your web page.

Why web or mobile push notifications, though?

It's hard to ignore a push notification on your browser. The user is obviously expecting to find something valuable online, and offering them a good deal or worthy information at this point helps improve engagement and revenue of your product or service.

What are Web Push Notifications?

Web and Mobile push notifications are pop-ups that are displayed on your user's browser according to the device being used by the end customer. This is a type of quick information or CTA message that allows the business to convey important information, share offers, provide a discount, or get feedback from customers. As long as the user is on a browser, you can send web and mobile push notifications.

Web and mobile push notifications were invented in 2009, almost 13 years ago. Since then, the method has gained immense popularity, but there's a gap in the correct implementation of push notifications for re-engagement.

When Should You Use Them?

You can use push notifications for many reasons, like abandoned cart recovery, push notifications for re-engagement, and other business objectives.

Some examples of information that you can share via push notifications:

  • Improve engagement on a product page.
  • Grab customers' attention on an offer.
  • Provide a first-time purchase discount.
  • Receive feedback on recent services.

What are the Benefits?

So, why should you consider using web and mobile push notifications?

Brands utilize push notifications for various reasons and benefits. Some of these are:

Increased Engagement

We all use a browser on our computer at least once a day. As a result, there's a massive opportunity window when your user is on the browser. You can send notifications to engage users and remind them of different offers on your website. This will encourage many users to connect with your brand, check your products, or use an offer.

Better Open Rate

There's a 50% extra chance of a user opening a web or mobile push notification compared to an email. Your users are clearly more like to access a push notification than an email.

While using an email campaign is also important, you shouldn't ignore the power of push notifications. The combined impact of both will help you improve conversions for your business.


It's extremely time-efficient to deliver push notifications. You can send a notification to the user, assess the performance immediately, and know the best way to send push notifications to different user groups.

With other types of marketing methods, you need to spend time analyzing the impact. In the case of push notifications, you get an immediate response, which can be analyzed quickly. For example, informing e-commerce site users of a sale that is now live.

Improved Retention

When your user is losing interest in your services and products, you can retain the user by sending a push notification. This includes sending abandoned cart messages too.

Say a user hasn't interacted with the brand for a while. With push notifications, you can send this group a specially customized offer to retain users.

Upselling and Cross-Selling

Sending web push notifications helps you up-sell and cross-sell products. For example, if a user previously purchases a product on your website, you can send them a push notification with new product recommendations, or announce product launches to up-sell and cross-sell.

5 Ways To Leverage Push Notifications For Website Traffic

The only way to extract value from this method is by using it in the right way at the right time and place. We have gathered some insights from experts to help you understand how push notifications can be used for empowered web and mobile experiences.

1. Notify Cart Abandoners

The best way to leverage web push notifications is to notify cart abandoners. When users add products to their cart, they're obviously interested in your products. However, often, users leave due to a complicated pay-out process or other disruptions. You can retain these users by sending a push notification to the user a few minutes after they have left your website.

You can even sweeten the deal by offering an additional discount on the product or providing a free sample of another similar product.

2. Event-Oriented Notifications

When big holidays are coming, create relevant deals and offer a great discount to the user. These types of push notifications should make the customer feel special. So, add a bit of personalization here. Just using the name of the customer might do the trick.

Include an offer, announce an upcoming sale, or introduce a new relevant product.

3. Promote an eBook

You can easily use web and mobile push notifications to promote your ebook, which might be valuable for your customer. Many businesses generate content to offer value to users. You can promote these useful ebooks via a push notification.

Another great method is to send a push notification about your recent blog post.

Remember that this method might only work for users who have previously taken an interest in the content on your website.

4. Get Reviews

When a user makes a purchase, they may not be able to offer instant feedback because they have not received the product yet. However, after the delivery of the product, send a mobile or web push notification to allow the user to review your product and service and offer feedback as per their experience with your brand.

5. Product Announcements

One of the great ways to send helpful push notifications is to send product announcements. When you release products that hold value for your customers, you should let your users know. Focus on personalizing content for the user group that may find this product extremely beneficial. You can find this user base with basic market search and user-based analytics.

Tips For Designing Converting Mobile and Web Push Notifications

Now that you understand methods to leverage push notifications, how should you create valuable, converting push notifications?

Some tips for designing value-generating push notifications are:

Add Emojis

Emojis are now widely used for social interactions with customers. Users embrace utilizing emojis in push notifications. So, when you're designing your web and mobile push notification campaign, try adding relevant emoji. For example, a party emoji for your sales and discounts.

Using relevant emojis helps you attract your users' attention.

Use a CTA

Always try adding a CTA in your push notifications. For example, if you're sending a push notification for an abandoned cart, you should include a payment link to ease the communication for your user.

It's necessary to remember that only relevant and nicely placed CTAs might be able to grab the attention of your users. You should guide them towards a purchase or action, not confuse the user or send them to an irrelevant page.


Personalization is an imperative factor for every business today. Our marketing campaigns run on personalization.

In push notifications, you need to extract data about your user groups. For example, their behavior, website scrolling habits, personal details, etc.

With these details, you should be able to personalize your push notifications depending on the user group you are dealing with.

Keep it Short

Now, remember that it's a push notification, and it's meant to be short. You can't send an offer, reveal new content, and ask for feedback in just one push notification. You also cannot add five lines of content and expect users to convert.

The ideal length of a push notification should be 20-30 characters, maximum. Every word matters. So, you really need to research and write a creative copy that delivers information and attracts customers.

Optimize Delivery

Web and mobile push notifications are imperative for the business but annoying for users (sometimes!). You need to carefully optimize the delivery of push notifications so that you don't end up annoying your users.

Understand the frequency that suits your customer base. Don't overwhelm or completely let off your users. For example, you should avoid sending more than 3 notifications in a day.


Using web and mobile notifications is not a new method. However, even after all these years, this method of user retention, engagement, and value generation is still strong. Understand the various methods that help you generate revenue and improve operational efficiency via web and mobile push notifications. Once you have some insights, start extracting the power of push notifications on your website.

If you're trying to find the right app to implement web push notifications on your Shopify store, Glood.AI's personalized marketing solutions can assist you.

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