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Glood for Enterprise

With Glood, enable your enterprise to deliver real-time 1:1 personalization for a unique commerce experience at scale, at every touchpoint of your visitor's journey.

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Delivering experiences

Learn how accessories retailer Skinnydip London achieved 8x ROI using Category Merchandising, covering annual cost in just one month
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Glood empowers your enterprise to intelligently adapt to your visitors in real-time to gain loyal new customers, sell more and several categories of your products and fuel greater profitability.

Glood analyzes visitors’ activity using our advanced machine learning algorithms to deploy and adjust personalization and customization and optimize your online store performance.

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Personalization at Scale

Learn how accessories retailer Skinnydip London achieved 8x ROI using Category Merchandising, covering annual cost in just one month
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Glood aims to help companies accelerate growth through its personalization. Tuned to what customer's want, our personalization enhances their lives and increases engagement and loyalty.

Our approach brings together analytics, technology, and agile strategies to build capabilities as we go, to handle your scale and level of traffic with ease and effectiveness.

Seamless connectivity

Learn how accessories retailer Skinnydip London achieved 8x ROI using Category Merchandising, covering annual cost in just one month
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Glood provides personalization APIs that eases businesses and benefits consumers. Allowing anyone to use our recommendation engine, you can take advantage of its benefits by simply integrating on an API level.

It allows your enterprise to push your custom data sources into our system and build recommendation algorithms on top of those.

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Enterprise-specific solutions

Learn how accessories retailer Skinnydip London achieved 8x ROI using Category Merchandising, covering annual cost in just one month
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Glood embrace product, company, and customer development opportunities that come with working with enterprises. We build solutions to specific problems making us an indispensable solution rather than an optional tool.

For your scale and growth, we offer the right assortment of product features and custom pricing for handling multiple stores, to ensure you get the most value.

Unclaimed Baggage
Using Glood's Onsite Recommendations we were able to deliver hyper-personalized product recommendations to our users. We saw upto 145% increase in AOV and conversions are up 5x.
Highly recommended!
Head of Marketing, Adidas
I wanted an app that would allow me to add multiple cross sell/upsell sections to my site. This app is amazing and just what I've been looking for. The AI is great with the recommendations but I'm still able to set manual recommendations as well. This is really a powerful app with so many built-in features. The pricing structure is totally reasonable unlike many other similar apps. The support has been TOP NOTCH! I really can't say enough.
I highly recommend this app!
Head of Marketing, Adidas
Value for money app! Install this immediately if you want fast and great service, and of course, increase your AOV and revenue. The fastest and greatest support we ever have experienced on Shopify App Store. A must-have app!
Head of Marketing, Adidas
Gym Resources
I've used this app for a little over six months now and it's brilliant. Whats more, customer support for tweaking the positions of the app to suit my store was fast and effective. Can't praise them enough, highly recommended.
Head of Marketing, Adidas
Bird Stone
This is the best up-sell app I've ever used, and the customer support team was always there whenever I needed help and they went extra miles. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a customizable up-sell app.
Bird & Stone
Head of Marketing, Adidas
Sustainable Supply
Great Customer support. We are very happy. thanks for making a great app we use on a couple of stores!
Sustainable Supply
Head of Marketing, Adidas
Avon shop
5 Star recommendation! Especially for websites with a huge product listing! Can't see my website running without this. Definitely a keeper and service was very prompt and spot on! Hope this app continues succeeding! :)
Avon Shop
Head of Marketing, Adidas
Peppy lu
Amazing app! We must have tried 7-8 similar apps before coming across this app and none of them were nearly as good. They all made our site look dodgy and busy-looking except this app! The formatting looks great and blends in with the fonts and style of our theme so well, the interface to setup the widgets and customize them is very user-friendly unlike other apps and the customer service has been super helpful too!
Peppy Lu
Head of Marketing, Adidas
Truth becomes her
My team and I used this app to increase our AOV by way of recommended product sections without having to commit to Revenue Sharing as most all of the other apps in this category require. What I also appreciate about this product is being ableto quickly establish on-brand styling. Also, the support behind this app offers easily the best and most timely service I have encountered, and their reporting metrics are just what we need. We will absolutely continue to use this product. Thank you very much!
Truth Becomes Her
Head of Marketing, Adidas
This app is pretty great and has been very helpful to us. The support from the team in case of any issue has been timely and fast. Big thumbs up!
Head of Marketing, Adidas

Onsite Personalized Recommendations

Delight visitors into becoming buyers by showing the right products at the right time. Create shopping experiences that simply engage, sell, and help you grow.

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Personalized Marketing

With our AI-enhanced marketing tools like automated, tailored, super-charged web push notifications, engage visitors to boost your store’s commerce, effortlessly.

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Checkout Upsells & Promotions

Do less to sell more. With automated, intelligent one click, post checkout product upsells, boost your AoV and earn more with zero effort.

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Integrate into World-class

Ensure consistent user experiences across all channels with integrations best-suited for your tech stack.

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