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6 Exceptional Stores Built on Shopify and What They Did Differently

What makes one Shopify store better than the rest? As e-commerce grows, so does the competition, making it harder to differentiate your website from the others. It isn't enough to just have a unique product portfolio. You need to attract your ideal audience and turn that audience into passionate brand ambassadors. Here, we've curated a list of 6 of the best Shopify stores to inspire your own and what they've done differently.

February 18, 2022
mins read
6 Exceptional Stores Built on Shopify and What They Did Differently

Ecommerce has witnessed exponential growth since the advent of the internet. This development has been further advanced by the pandemic's wake, which left no choice for people but to indulge in online shopping.

Online retailing has gained massive popularity owing to the convenience it provides to sellers and buyers in terms of the variety of choices, payment options, and comfortable doorstep delivery. Today, eCommerce marketing generates over 13% of global annual sales.

While only high-end businesses could afford a website a couple of decades ago, today, it has become a prerequisite if you wish to compete in the market. While creating an online store might feel daunting, eCommerce platforms like Shopify have simplified the process immensely.

6 Exceptional Shopify Stores to Seek Inspiration for Your Business

Shopify has helped thousands of businesses create interactive eCommerce stores that now compete with pre-established brands. If you're a small business owner and seek inspiration on possible designs and unique value points, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Strategy
  • Structure
  • Content
  • Design

To elaborate on these elements, here are six exceptional sites built with Shopify that have established themselves reputably in their respective niche.

1. The Great Cookie

The Great Cookie is one of the most popular and well-established eCommerce businesses in the market and sells cookies and cakes. Its main page displays various goodies in unique designs and flavours that can stimulate the visitors' taste buds in unimaginable ways.

Using Shopify, this business has made its website more attractive and playful. This online store provides visitors with two tabs that they can interact with to filter and arrange the products by category or occasion.

What makes it unique?

For The Great Cookie, timing their sales with occasions is everything, and they've tapped into this potential well. They provide a dedicated tab for cookie recommendations to gift to your loved ones on different occasions.

The owners of this Shopify store are well aware of appropriate CTA placement. The CTA button has been placed in the middle of the page to help visitors instantly place an order for a cake as a gift.

Besides that, The Great Cookie also offers customization to its customers. Since each customer enjoys their cookie in different flavours and additions, The Great Cookie has accounted for that and thus offers a wide range of cookie customizations.

2. Tsuki Market

Tsuki Market is one of the highly successful sites built with Shopify, which is run and managed by popular online influencers Felix Kjellberg (a.k.a Pewdiepie) and his wife, Marzia Kjellberg. One of the most iconic elements of this website is its captivating design language.

Tsuki is extremely user-friendly since it features a minimalistic yet elegant website design. Its main menu only comprises three buttons - Home, Collections, and Animal Crossing Closet.

Owing to their immense online popularity, the couple promotes their online store via Instagram and YouTube. They also model for the clothes exclusively.

Their social media posts complement their eCommerce store, which generates curiosity in the audience and encourages them to visit the website and consider purchasing a commodity.

What makes it unique?

Despite being a recently launched store on Shopify, Tsuki Market has gained widespread recognition and boosted sales, thanks to the couples' massive online following. The visuals, colour palette, and feel of their Shopify store beautifully express the couples' fondness for playful and practical designs.

To further add to its uniqueness, the couple has also provided kanji translations of the buttons on their website, which correctly manifest the brand persona. According to the couple, their store name "Tsuki" is Japanese for Moon.

Some of the core values that make their eCommerce store stand apart are the simplistic store design, a charming welcome message, visually-appealing colour palette, and more, which complements their eCommerce store's persona.

3. 8 and 9

A prominent streetwear brand, 8 and 9 is one of the best Shopify stores you'll ever come across. Upon visiting the website, you'll see a massive picture that converses with the visitors in street style terms and changes dynamically.

Besides that, this eCommerce store has seamless navigation for its visitors. They provide nine big tabs that are visually clear and particular about where they lead. Besides adding precise navigation, they've also included an email form at the bottom of their website.

What makes it unique?

The product pages system on 8 and 9 is simplistic and straightforward owing to its big product images and appropriate segmentation. A visitor can easily spot commodities on sale, further enhancing the buying experience.

8 and 9 also provides an email column for visitors to sign up for newsletters, discount coupons, and exclusive launches. You can easily navigate through their website using the Navigation section at the bottom of the page.

One key element that most successful Shopify stores have in common is social media reach. If a user wishes to stay in touch with them on social media, there are individual icons with different social media links that redirect the user to the official pages of 8 and 9 on respective social media channels.

4. LazyFruits

LazyFruits, as the name suggests, is an online eCommerce platform that sells fruits. Besides simplifying the purchasing process, this store also assures the delivery of the highest quality fruits at your doorstep.

Their homepage is full of different kinds of fruits with a wide variety of options that can be easily added to the cart.

The website features a plain white background, while the colourful fruits displayed breathe life into the overall aesthetic. The white background is a clever touch that helps sell more since visitors get tempted to see the colourful fruits on their screens.

What makes it unique?

LazyFruits has developed its UI to simulate a walk into a grocery store. They have created an immersive shopping experience that makes buyers feel like they've been purchasing fruits online for a long time.

Another unique touch by LazyFruits is their tiny yellow "Did you know" boxes located on the bottom left. They also provide visitors with a quick buy function, which you can use to fill up your basket quickly. Their UI design is clean and user-friendly and takes minimal time to adapt.

5. Jane Motorcycles

Jane Motorcycles is a ****fashion Shopify store that features bold photography on its main page. Upon scrolling down, you'll observe various product categories showcased beautifully and systematically.

Some examples of catchy images on their website include a close-up shot of a leg with a leather boot on while riding a motorbike or a guy wheeling his machine. The website is easy to use and navigate and maintains a sophisticated visual appeal.

What makes it unique?

Jane Motorcycles has a "Shop" tab placed on top of their main page, which visitors can use to explore the store's product pages. Another subtle touch of interactive UI is having the listings segmented in two different columns when hovering the cursor over them. The first segment classifies the products **"**by category" while the second one "by brand."

This Shopify store is quite snappy and responsive, which significantly enhances the navigation and purchasing experience of the visitor. One of the most iconic things about this store is its drop-down menu, which looks and feels extremely practical.

6. Skinny Dip

One of the most iconic elements about this store is that people can hardly guess what it would be all about when coming across its name. However, upon visiting, it barely takes them a millisecond.

This eCommerce store has kept its UI sophisticated yet easy-to-navigate so that no user is boggled about proceeding to the next step if they wish to purchase anything. This store employs calming tones, visuals, and a feminine-oriented design, indicating a women's fashion store.

What makes it unique?

Skinny Dip has paid the utmost attention to ensuring that its UI stays clean and uncluttered despite managing a variety of tabs and sections to sell various products. Considering that they have kept their website neatly organized, it's no surprise that their navigational UI is remarkably sophisticated and smooth.

This Shopify store has also classified the tabs wisely to establish what each tab represents. They have also segregated the "Sale" tab to avoid any confusion by giving it a bright red colour.

Besides offering a neat UI, Skinny Dip has appropriately placed CTA buttons and subscription forms on its landing pages to ensure that they never miss out on potential conversions.

Final words

These six popular Shopify stores and their unique traits indicate that no single foolproof recipe exists for creating a successful Shopify store. You can implement several approaches to design your store, tweak your UI, boost interactiveness while keeping it clutter-free.

Despite the variety of options available at your disposal, it's a given that you must keep your navigational UI simple to keep the visitor engaged. It's also imperative to have a well-placed CTA so that businesses do not miss out on potential prospects.

Some key ingredients to creating a successful Shopify store is being innovative, simplistic, and wise enough to understand the psychology of your visitors to deliver the most personalized experience possible.

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