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How to Grow your Shopify Store with Facebook Ads

Facebook Ad sets aid customer acquisition and increased sales. With the right strategies, you will get much better conversion rates from your Facebook ads than ever.

December 8, 2021
mins read
How to Grow your Shopify Store with Facebook Ads

Did you know that over 2.79 billion people use Facebook globally?

What does that mean for your business? Big market for massive conversion with the right strategies. You might get lost on how to do this successfully, and that's why this article is here for you. We will guide you through Facebook ads creation and how to grow your Shopify store with it in this article.

User-friendly & cost-effective Facebook ads are an excellent choice when you want to grow your Shopify store campaign.  And while most business owners underestimate Facebook, its ad sets can aid customer acquisition and increased sales. With the right strategies, you will get much better conversion rates from your Facebook ads than ever.

How do you get started with Facebook ads?

Facebook is an online social media platform that gives people the ability to network, build communities, and grow their businesses. With Facebook, you have a wide swath of potential customers at your fingertips.To get started, you need to set up a Facebook business manager account first.The manager account is just as the name. It manages your Facebook ad account and contains all the tools that will aid your ads.

How to create a Facebook Business Manager account

  • Visit business.facebook.com and click the tab "Create Account."
  • Provide your Facebook business page (create it first), business name, email address, and name.
  • Next, create an ad account by selecting "Business Settings" in the "Business Manager" tab. After doing so, click "More Tools" and "Ad Account Settings."
  • After the preceding steps, Facebook will take you to a new page where you have the option to create a new advertising account or add an existing account. If you have never used Facebook ads before, create a new ad account and follow the following process.

The business account is the core of your Facebook advertising. With it, you can explore different business areas on Facebook.

Target Audience

Now that you have set up a Facebook Business Manager Account, let's get to how you can target your audience.Targeting the right audience with the right message is the key to a successful advertising campaign.Accurate targeting will make your ads more effective and lower the cost of running them, thereby improving your return on investment and increasing your profits.

Factors to consider:

Be specific in your demographics. Don't target a broad audience of different ages and tastes with the same ad.Define your ideal buyer and his interests, and make sure your ad message speaks to them. Narrow down your focus.Target your audience according to their financial behavior and income level, depending on the type of product you sell.

Since Facebook has massive users globally, you need the audience tool to mark individuals that are probably interested in your brand.The audience tool exists within the Business account. Based on interests, location, newsfeed, and demography, this will help you create a category of people to target with your ads.

How to create your Facebook Ads

To create Facebook ads, you must create a campaign first.  Visit the Ad Manager within the Business account, click on the "Create" menu, and select a campaign objective.There are three campaign objectives within Facebook advertising. They include consideration, awareness, and conversion. If your goal is to boost sales on your Shopify store, I  suggest choosing the Conversion objective. If you only want to promote your brand, the Brand awareness objective is for you.After choosing your campaign objective, here are the questions you should ask yourself:

  • "Who is my target customer?"
  • What is your marketing budget? A lifetime budget or a daily budget?

How to Monitor and Increase Performance

It is vital to monitor your Facebook ads' performance. You need to know the number of individuals interested in your brand, the click-through rate, and how well the ad message performed.It's super easy. You track your performance by creating a product feed and setting up an account with Facebook Pixel.

All you need to do is enter your Facebook Pixel account number in the relevant Shopify admin menu. You will see reports in the Facebook ad manager about your specific audiences' numbers and actions within a short time.If the statistics are discouraging, you need to give it time. Note that if you still fail after much time, you need to go back to the drawing board and develop a fresh idea.

Here are the things you should ask yourself when attempting to boost your  ad performance:

  • Is my ad content short and engaging?
  • Have I marked the right audience?
  • Have I selected the correct campaign objective?

Best Practices

  • Use precise call-to-action languages at the bottom of your ad, such as "Buy Now."
  • If you want your brand to tell a story, use video ads. It will help you capture it better.
  • Endeavour to make the ads relevant to your target audience. Offer value.
  • The visuals and ad message should align.
  • Use captivating headlines.
  • Your ad message should brim with clarity, persuasion, and value.
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