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How to Grow your Shopify Store with Tiktok Ads

With Tik Tok, you can spend the entire day watching skits, fashion videos, and many other video forms. With over 90% of users who access Tik Tok daily, it offers an excellent opportunity for finding new customers and growing sales.

December 8, 2021
mins read
How to Grow your Shopify Store with Tiktok Ads

Social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and many others have become established platforms for growing sales. The chances are that you are already growing your Shopify store with at least one of the social media platforms. Why?  The number of users is significant.

Over 90% of social media users communicate with brands through social media. But where do Tik Tok ads fit? And what about using it to grow your store? Today, we will show you how to grow your Shopify campaign with Tiktok ads.

How  to set it up

First, let's start with the basic ideas about Tik Tok. It's a mobile app used for sharing short videos. With Tik Tok, you can spend the entire day watching skits, fashion videos, and many other video forms. Do you know a fun fact about this video-sharing platform? It's the newest of all the major social media channels. So, you may have underestimated it at one point. But with over 90% of users who access Tik Tok daily, it offers an excellent opportunity for finding new customers and growing sales.So, how do you set up Tiktok for your online store?

As of 2020, Shopify users can now manage their TikTok ads through their Shopify accounts. That's good news for a Shopify business owner or a marketing manager for a Shopify business.Start by downloading the TikTok application from the Shopify App Store.After installation, you can access tools that will aid your campaign.

They include a video generator, campaign analytics, business account setup, audience targeting, and many others.Your first move is setting up your TikTok for business account.  Afterward, you can upload your video ads with the video-generator tool, and the app will do the rest.

Target the right audience

TikTok has over 800 million active users. That's indeed a massive market for businesses. However, your ads will not be successful if you don't get them in front of the right audience.Using the audience targeting tool, TikTok lets you mark your ads based on various options such as location, demography, and behavior.Factors to consider:

  • Your ideal audience persona
  • What are their interests and preferences?
  • What type of videos do they want to see?
  • How can you create the perfect value proposition for the time?

How to structure your ad content

We've talked about how you can target your audience. Let's take a look at how to structure your ad content on Tiktok. Before you create your content, you should know the creative and technical basics. Otherwise, you will create unacceptable content on the platform. For instance, video ads on TikTok only accept a file size of 500 MB or less, and the duration ranges between five to sixty seconds.

What's more? Ensure that you feature essential details, such as your brand name and brand message, in the center of the ad. The platform may crop contents at the screen's side and bottom to embrace your selected display size.Once you get the technical basics right, you should move on to the creative side.

One of the best ways to attract people to your video ad is to keep it short.TikTok platform gets busy every day. If the users don't find pleasure in your content, it's easy to move on to the next one. So, it's a wake-up call for you to create engaging content. That's why users love TikTok.

How to track and increase the performance of Ads

When it comes to  TikTok ads, tracking your performance is everything. If your goal is to make your content go viral and increase sales, you need to monitor your performance.How do you track your ad performance?

All you need to do is to click on the "My Activity Tab." Enter your Ad name, and it will highlight your performance. It's that easy.If your report is unsatisfactory, you can improve on it. With the right tools, anyone can increase their ad performance on TikTok.

Now, let's dive into how you can pull it off.

  1. Pay attention to trends: If you can't beat them yet, observe them. Pay attention to the trends on TikTok. Get inspiration from the trending videos on the platform.The more you watch them, you will gain insights to upload ads with a proven performance. For instance, an all-time trend on TikTok is the use of funny hashtags and memes. If you are a Shopify business owner, it's only wise to participate in this trend consistently.
  2. Create a Community: Don't just upload trending ads on TikTok and wait for quick results.  Engage your potential customers with giveaways and reposting videos. Let your audience share your videos on social media.

Best Practices

Don't shy away from the CTA

A call-to-action language is an important tool in every online ad.  It's not enough to show users that you have better products and services. Your job is to motivate them with a direct command like "Pay Now" or "Learn More."

Make it light

Many users already had a stressful day, and some chunks of serious ads are not an option. We recommend that you set your ads in a humorous tone. Humor always increases the performance of ads.

Take advantage of this fast-growing platform now!

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