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Is Whatsapp for Ecommerce the Best Kept Secret to Driving Sales Growth?

This blog introduces readers to WhatsApp’s role in driving sales growth and the various strategies businesses can use to leverage this platform as part of their overall customer acquisition and retention strategies. We will also look at how WhatsApp has been instrumental in allowing small and big businesses to reach higher levels of customer service and provide insights into how you can leverage this channel in your sales strategy.

September 19, 2022
mins read
Is Whatsapp for Ecommerce the Best Kept Secret to Driving Sales Growth?

WhatsApp, the messaging app that revolutionized how people communicate through voice and video, is also a potent tool for businesses to market themselves and drive sales. Unlike other platforms, WhatsApp offers unprecedented levels of personalization when it comes to marketing products to potential customers, making it one of the best channels a business can incorporate into its eCommerce growth strategy to reach a wider consumer base.

The platform is one of the few that’s opened a whole new window of opportunity for small and medium-sized businesses to connect and build a reputation with potential clients regardless of their geographical location.

By using WhatsApp marketing strategies, businesses can apprise customers of any new product launches, restock inventory, and highlight localized services - all of which aren’t possible with other mediums.Moreover, WhatsApp allows these businesses to offer quick and instant assistance to customers, reducing turnaround time in resolving issues or queries that customers may have, leading to positive customer experiences and more positive word-of-mouth promotion for the brand.

In this blog post, we will help business owners integrating Whatsapp into their business get a better understanding of how it can help them grow and prosper while giving their customers the best possible experience!

Better Customer Acquisition

Businesses can use WhatsApp to acquire more customers with a touch of personalization and boost their conversion optimization strategy in various ways:

  1. Integrating Chat Bubbles: Although chatbots are great, they aren’t exactly able to answer queries outside of their program feed, and customers typically have to wait till a customer support executive reaches out to them. On the other hand, implementing the WhatsApp bubble rather than a chatbot can help customers interact directly with the business and get their queries answered almost instantaneously, making it a much more pleasant experience for customers.
  2. Implementing Push Notifications: Businesses can encourage customers to opt-in for push notifications to get product updates and updates regarding new stock arrivals. This is very useful to encourage customers to revisit the store in cases where customers had added something to their wishlist, but the product was out of stock.
  3. Offer a More Personalized Approach: Rather than redirecting customers to a landing page that is less personal, businesses can opt to redirect customers to WhatsApp to join a conversation. This offers a much more personal approach as customers are familiar with the environment and likelier not to drop out without sharing their details.

Lightning-Fast Query Resolutions

No other platform offers the level of personalization and speed as Whatsapp when it comes to interacting with clients to resolve potential issues.

Businesses can enhance their eCommerce customer experience by using variables to personalize conversations with their customers by listing menus and initiating conversations in their preferred language.

This increases the overall engagement and satisfaction levels and is likely to increase loyalty to the brand.

Apprising Customers of Abandoned Shopping Carts

One of the biggest challenges faced by businesses is cart abandonment. Once a customer drops out, it becomes very difficult to encourage them to return before they lose their intent to buy.

Although brands can keep sending push notifications through the official app (in case the user has downloaded it), they often get lost in the wave of multiple apps sending push notifications.

However, integrating WhatsApp into their eCommerce platform makes these notifications more likely to get noticed since users typically open WhatsApp multiple times a day.

Moreover, by giving out exclusive deals and discounts on products that the customers showed an interest in, brands can rekindle conversations and encourage them to return to the store to complete the purchase, which is a great way to increase sales revenue.

Assist With Personalization in eCommerce

The market is fierce, and competition is growing at an exponential rate. With multiple players in the market trying to get a share of the same consumer base, businesses need to adapt.

One of the best ways to increase sales is through personalization in eCommerce, as businesses can no longer expect to make a sale and wait for the customer to return on their own. This is where WhatsApp plays an integral role in ensuring that your customers keep coming back for more.

The platform offers businesses to stay in touch with customers through a medium they are comfortable with and helps them build a personalized approach for each customer by sending out dispatch notifications, delivery tracking information, and frequent updates on the status of the delivery.

This proactive approach is a great way to increase customer trust and build a positive image for the brand.

Moreover, since any incoming queries regarding order rectifications or refunds can be resolved almost instantaneously thanks to the nature of the app, it offers a great overall customer experience that further helps cement the business’s reputation.

Boosting Engagement with Interactive Messaging

Businesses should aim to keep their communications simple to keep customers engaged with the brand. WhatsApp’s interactive messaging features offer a great way to interact with customers in a simplified manner.

The interactive message feature was essentially released to help boost communication, and brands can effectively use it to give more power to their marketing and sales efforts.

Using this feature, a business can integrate one-tap quick replies and call-to-actions within their messages to boost their marketing efforts, improve conversion and engagement rates as well as increase eCommerce sales. It makes it easier for a customer to respond with a single tap without having to type a long message, increasing the likelihood of them responding.

It’s thus one of the easiest ways of encouraging customers to take action without being intrusive or spamming them with messages all day long. This is because WhatsApp messages have an open rate of 98% with a 40% response rate, giving brands 5 times more visibility compared to other channels.

Moreover, all of the responses can be tracked, which can help you make the required tweaks to increase the responsiveness and engagement of customers.

Power Customer Loyalty with WhatsApp Group Lists

WhatsApp group lists are known for garnering more customer loyalty compared to other groups on social media. Businesses can use this to their advantage to build brand loyalty and followers by being proactive and sharing periodic updates via group chats, broadcast lists, and push notifications.

Brands can also share other types of interesting content such as trivia, videos related to products, voice messages, and periodic promotions and deals with a link to the page to augment their personalization efforts further.

Boosts Brand Perception

While a customer might not be keen on clicking links on emails or replying to phone calls, they might be more likely to engage on this channel as WhatsApp is end-to-end encrypted and assures a spam-free experience for customers.

Moreover, there’s a level of intimacy when a brand is on the customer’s contact list. This boosts the brand’s perception and helps drive sales since customers love brands that are on the same level as they are.

Perfect for Increasing Sales Across the Globe

WhatsApp is the top messenger across 60 countries with billions of users. This opens up immense opportunities for businesses to increase their sales and engagement globally, making it an ideal platform to integrate into their sales and marketing channel.

Combine that with everything we have discussed so far, and your brand will be on a winning streak, blowing away the competition.


Using WhatsApp, businesses can keep their current customers engaged while expanding their sales across a wider customer base. Making it to your customer’s contact list can give you an advantage since customers are more likely to have top-of-the-mind recall when you are a part of their favourite application.

Moreover, the quick turnaround time that the platform offers in query resolution helps build a strong foundation and image for the brand as it provides a positive experience for customers, which in turn leads to positive feedback and more brand value over time.

As the value of your brand increases, so will the sales. Customers are more likely to interact with brands that are known to be proactive in not just only pitching their products but also in taking feedback and offering exceptional customer support that’s fast, effective, and efficient.

If you would like to unleash the full power of WhatsApp for your business, visit Glood.ai to get access to data-powered personalization tools for providing your customers with a more personal and engaging experience, helping drive more sales and growth for your business.

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