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Proven Tips to Turn Product Reviews Into Revenue

You can reap many benefits from putting customer reviews on your site. Reviews turn into direct financial gain - they are a well-known trump card for building trust, becoming more visible, and attracting new customers. Success stories, product reviews, and personal experiences are great UGC content for your business.

March 8, 2022
mins read
Proven Tips to Turn Product Reviews Into Revenue

Let's take a look at some interesting numbers about product reviews:

  • 92% of consumers are reluctant to buy something if there are no reviews.
  • A recent Podium survey shows that product reviews influence 93% of respondents
  • Another survey from Power Reviews found that 70% of shoppers want to see product ratings and reviews while they shop in-store.

Now that you know how critical product reviews are to your business, here are a few ways to collect and use them to your advantage:

Find the right product reviews sources

To get started on this journey, retailers and brands must make sure that the reviews they collect come from people and sources that customers trust. For Drop-shipping stores, the sources can be some well-known sources like AliExpress or Amazon. For the business that sell their own products, reviews come through Google My Business, your company's Facebook page or other owned media.

Consider using an all-in-one Product reviews app like LAI Product Reviews, which helps new businesses import reviews from AliExpress, Amazon in just a few clicks. Migrating from other platforms is also made easy with the CSV import feature that lets you import up to 100.000 product reviews to your Shopify stores. LAI offers various ways for businesses that sell their own products, from email marketing to loyalty programs to re-engage and incentivize customers to leave reviews after their orders are fulfilled.

If there are no reviews, buyers will not get a complete picture of customer feelings and product ratings. So try to get product reviews for your online store as soon as possible.

Showcase your best product reviews

You have successfully imported product reviews to your store. Now it's time to showcase them. Try to display a few reviews on your homepage and a few on product pages. You can even create a dedicated testimonials page so that potential customers can see what others are saying. With a little creativity, you can place product reviews widgets here and there to follow the customers' journey on your store.

Many product reviews apps, including LAI, give you full control over how your store's review widgets will be displayed. You can edit many components from layout, font, color, and icons to blend well with your store design. It's also a best practice to pin only reviews with photos, especially high-quality ones at the top of the widgets in order to catch your customers' eye at once.

Consider negative reviews as a chance to improve

Try not to worry too much about 1-2 negative reviews you might get. In fact, try not to worry when the ratio of negative reviews and total reviews you get are less than 20%. Because 19% of the reviews a business receives are negative, many buyers won't believe your reviews are trustworthy unless you have some negative ones. PowerReviews data shows that customers are less likely to purchase products with perfect 5-star reviews than those in the 4.2-4.5 range.

Try to respond to negative reviews as soon as possible, especially if you think the reviewer is correct in their complaint or if other customers have complained about the same issue. Think about how many potential customers you have lost because of certain problems that they don't talk to you about. Bad reviews take more time and human resources to solve, but they can be valuable to your business. Before you rush to hide negative reviews under the carpet, understand that these reviews not only build trust in your products, but also offer feedback to help you create a better product for your customers.

Follow up with customers after you have solved their problems and give an updated reply on their reviews. Let them and other customers know that you care about your customers, and those bad reviews will not be as ugly as they were before.

Make use of star rating

Some shoppers only give your products a few second to impress them, or else they'll bounce. That's why star rating is here to help. This decorated bar chart style system can be used to give customers have a quick look at how like-able the products are among other customers. From eCommerce giants like AliExpress and Amazon to small online businesses are all using this powerful widget to reduce bounce rate from your customers. Not everyone can spend time to read countless reviews for things that they want to buy, so help them make a easier decision by giving them some quick information.

Offer incentives for honest reviews

Incentives are a great way to get your customers more open and excited about sharing their thoughts. Freebies like free shipping or exclusive discounts could be of great help. Businesses can also use incentives to build loyalty programs for customers since this encourages them to be your brand advocates. Another interesting idea to consider is a weekly or monthly contest that rewards the most insightful, highest-rated review or the most original video review.

Customer is the king, and their opinions can be a significant factor in the success of your business. The victory or the downfall of the business highly depends on your customers' reviews. Let's get started on your product reviews strategy as soon as you can, with the help of LAI Product Reviews.

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