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To Move Upward During an Economic Downturn:

Why You Should Be Focusing On Shopping Experiences and Customer Retention

July 15, 2022
Starts at
9:30 pm

What you will learn

  • The impact of an upcoming slowdown on the e-commerce industry
  • How you can be prepared
  • Moves to make when a slowdown hits
  • Why you must invest in the right technology and tools even when money is tight
  • How you can prepare mentally to navigate the business through a lean patch

For an eCommerce store to thrive, and not just survive, during an economic recession, businesses must focus on two things: Shopping Experiences and Customer Retention.

Having worked with hundreds of Shopify stores through the pandemic and slowdowns, we’ll be sharingour learnings.

Join Glood.AI along with Vajro and Mason for this free webinar and learn what to do and what not to do during this tumultuous period from three founders who’ve been in the e-commerce industry for over a decade!

Kausambi Manjita

Founder, Everything Product at Mason

A serial product builder with over 15 years of building products for commerce enablement. She is making tech accessible to everyone through NoCode.

Niwin Santhosh

Co-Founder & COO at Vajro

Looks after product and customer-facing teams. He has helped over 2000 businesses start their mobile commerce journey in his 8-year career.

Harshul Jain

Founder & CEO at Glood.AI

Looks after Product Development and Technology. Has built and scaled multiple data systems that handle 100s of millions of users in AI/ML Infrastructure.

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